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From conflict to connection. Set boundaries, deepen your emotional bonds & strengthen the relationships in your life.

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Romantic, professional, friends or family
Relationship conflict can affect every area of our life.
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You may be experiencing ...

  • Fatigue resulting from repeated conflict
  • Ongoing tension and stress
  • Chronic worry, uncertainty, or fear
  • Feeling hopeless that the issues can be resolved
  • Feeling stuck, angry, or frustrated
  • Loss of trust resulting from betrayal
  • Feeling misunderstood
  • Toxic or self sabotaging behaviours

We provide virtual and in-person therapy for conflict resolution, stronger communication, and more enjoyment in your relationships.

Relationship Therapy In Toronto

How does conflict keep us stuck?

Conflict happens in all relationships. Resolving it effectively involves clear communication, empathy, and a willingness to understand the other person’s perspective.

Communication Breakdown

Misunderstandings, assumptions, or poor listening skills can lead to conflicts. In individual therapy, a person can learn effective communication techniques, such as active listening, assertiveness, and expressing oneself clearly, which can help reduce misunderstandings and facilitate better conflict resolution.

Unresolved Issues

Conflicts can arise when past grievances or unresolved issues are brought up in the present. Individual therapy can help a person explore and understand the root causes of these issues, allowing them to address them in a healthier manner and prevent them from resurfacing in future conflicts.

Differences In Values or Priorities

Disagreements over core values, beliefs, or priorities can lead to conflicts in relationships. Individual therapy can help a person clarify their own values and priorities, enabling them to better understand their partner’s perspective and find common ground for compromise.

Trust and Insecurity

Trust issues, jealousy, or insecurity can cause conflicts in relationships. Through individual therapy, a person can work on building self-esteem, addressing trust issues, and learning how to manage their own insecurities to foster a healthier relationship dynamic.

Boundary Issues

Conflicts may arise when one person feels that their boundaries have been violated or disrespected. Individual therapy can help a person identify and articulate their boundaries and learn how to communicate them effectively to their partner, ensuring that both parties are aware of and respect each other’s limits.

We can help you understand and manage conflict from your position in the relationship.

Why Choose Talm Therapy?

Group of therapists from Talm Therapy at First Canadian Place in Toronto

Julian Raveendran, MSW, RSW

Clinical Director & Founder

When you need to talk to someone who understands your lived experience, has the capacity to hold your worries confidentially and the competency to help you solve the issues you’re facing – we are here to provide the support and guidance you need to create lasting change.

We provide therapy that is:

Diverse & Inclusive

Our therapists are warm, empathetic, highly-trained mental health professionals with wide variety of lived experience.

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Process Focused & Results-Based

We regularly check-in to see if we are making progress on your goals and seek feedback after each session to make sure we’re constantly adapting to your needs.

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Our therapists participate in group supervision, engage in gold-standard professional development programs, and regularly coordinate with a lead psychiatrist to optimize-care.

How Our Relationship Therapy Works

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Free consult

Book a free 15-min phone call with your therapist

We will answer your questions, learn about what’s bringing you to therapy and explain the therapy process. It’s an opportunity for you to get a feel for the working relationship with your therapist to ensure a good fit.


Complete a comprehensive assessment

This assessment helps us understand your experiences and challenges, fully define your goals for therapy, and determine the pace of our work together.
Registration Form
Before your first session, you will be asked to complete a registration/intake form gathering information about you.
Biopsychosocial Assessment
In our first session, we will paint a whole image of your life story including your work history, personal experiences, and relationships.
Goal Exploration & Setting

Together, we’ll work to identify goals and a treatment plan to guide us through our time together.


Work through your treatment goals at a pace that feels right for you

We check in along your journey to ensure that the strategies learned in session are effectively moving you towards your goals.

In-between sessions we may provide information to review and exercises to work on.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Relationship Therapy

Our fees vary by the type of provider and the type of treatment. Our rates are informed by professional standards and practices for administering the controlled act of psychotherapy in Ontario. An individual psychotherapy session typically ranges from $155-$185 inclusive of HST.
We accept all major credit cards and encourage clients to keep a card on file to ease the billing process. Session costs are processed at the end of session and e-receipts are sent automatically to the client’s preferred email.

Our psychotherapy team includes Registered Social Workers (RSW) and Registered Psychotherapists (RP). The vast majority of extended health benefits cover psychotherapy provided by an RSW or RP. We encourage you to check with your insurance provider to confirm eligibility and coverage rate prior to a paid session.
We send e-receipts immediately after payment that include your
therapist’s registration number and credentials. Receipts may be
submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement. We do not offer direct billing at this time.

We are happy to offer in-person sessions during the day at our office located at King St & Bay St in downtown Toronto. This convenient location lets clients stop by for a scheduled session without much travel or interruption in their work day. Additionally, we provide remote sessions throughout the day and evenings by secure video or phone. Remote sessions allow clients to have a session in the comfort of their own home or while going for a (private) evening walk in their neighbourhood.

Your therapist will work with you to find a combination of remote or in-person sessions that work for you.

We strongly recommend scheduling an initial phone consult prior to a session. The initial phone consult allows the client and therapist to make sure the match is a great fit prior to paying for a session. It also allows us to explain our process and answer any of your questions.

We provide in house psychiatric assessment as an adjunct to psychotherapy. It’s best to discuss the referral process to psychiatry with your therapist.

We can help you with romantic relationships, family members, friends, and colleagues. In therapy, we will work through your feelings and experience of the situation, help you learn effective communication techniques, go over conflict resolution tools, and more.

We work with you individually to build insight into your personal needs, relationship dynamics, patterns of conflict and better understand your relationship goals. As we move through your therapy journey, we can assist in transitioning to a separate and unbiased couple’s therapist when/if that is right for you.

Navigating relationships of any type can be difficult, but we are confident that through the tools you learn in individual therapy you can start to see improvements.

Individual therapy, couples therapy, and family therapy provide a safe and supportive setting for clients to explore their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours connected to their relationships.

Therapy can help clients improve their communication skills, increase their emotional intelligence, acquire conflict resolution tactics, set appropriate boundaries, and get insights into their own behaviour patterns. These abilities and insights can help to foster healthier, more meaningful relationships.

It is crucial to emphasize, however, that the success of therapy is dependent on a variety of circumstances, including the client’s willingness to participate in the therapeutic process, the quality of the therapeutic alliance, and the therapist’s experience in dealing with relationship issues.

Difficulties with coworkers can emerge for a variety of reasons, including competing personalities, communication failures, or competition for resources and recognition. These issues can generate a hostile work environment, resulting in lower morale, poor collaboration, and decreased productivity. When these issues go unsolved, they can contribute to a toxic workplace culture, impacting individuals’ job satisfaction, mental health, and overall productivity.

In therapy, we can help you learn the tools that you can implement from your side of things to help resolve conflict, build mutual respect and foster a positive work environment

Strong communication is essential to the success and maintenance of any relationship. In therapy we will help you learn the tools you need to be able to clearly communicate your needs, boundaries, and feelings.

What you can expect with Relationship Counselling

We provide virtual and in-person therapy for conflict resolution, stronger communication, and more enjoyment in your relationships.

  • Ability to better understand, regulate, and deescalate conflict
  • Better understanding of unhelpful relationship patterns and strategies for creating more helpful relationship dynamics
  • Shift from passive/aggressive communication to clear and helpful communication
  • Improved insight into personal needs and how to set appropriate boundaries
  • More meaningful and secure relationships
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Develop clear boundaries that increase mutual respect and understanding in your relationships.

How To Get Started

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Free Consultations

We will answer your questions, learn about what’s bringing you to therapy and explain the therapy process. It’s an opportunity to get a feel for the working relationship with your therapist. We want to ensure it’s a great fit for you!


Returning clients can book in-person or virtual appointments below.

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